Complete Lawn & Landscape

Whether you want to design a garden, build a deck, add a water feature, or install irrigation, our team is ready to serve. We offer a variety of design, landscaping, hardscaping, pavers, and maintenance services and have worked hard to build up our reputation for delivering quality workmanship and value to our landscape and garden design clients in Redding, CA. We’re committed to keeping your outdoor space looking great.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Redding


We’re committed to creating beautiful landscapes that will transform dead grass and even the most barren yard into the garden of your dreams. Imagine a relaxing space, tropical oasis, or even a fun-filled entertainment area for your friends and family. If you dream it, we can create it.

We want your outdoor area to be something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. From pathways and archways, unique pavers, flowers, and plants that meet your specific needs and desires, a well-planned landscape is the best investment for your home.



When planning your perfect garden we consider the form, color and texture of all the plants, lawn, shrubs, and flowers to ensure a balance between the natural landscape and our design.

Sod & Turf Lawns

Sod and turf lawns are the fastest way to create a finished look to your yard. Leave sod and turf to the pros! We’ve got the equipment and expertise needed to create a vibrant, seamless lawn.

Garden Design

As garden design pros in Shasta County we’ll create a plan that looks at both the big picture and finer details of your property, including addressing problem areas and your garden’s potential.



Dorothy had the yellow brick road but you have many more possibilities. Brick, concrete, stone, pavers, or wood, we have great designs and materials to create beautiful, practical pathways.


Archways can transform a simple garden into a special haven. We can create a variety of garden arches for your outdoor space in different materials that will meet your vision and budget.


Our intense Redding summers wreak havoc on most gardens. Let us create a garden specifically designed for water conservation with drought-tolerant plants that is low maintenance.

Hardscape & Pavers

Hardscape Design Redding


Your garden is more than plants and grass. Pavers can be installed in unique patterns to create retaining walls, patios, decks, walkways, driveways, fire pits, and more. Add low voltage lighting and additional seating space so you can relax comfortably for years to come.

Most hardscape design features are low-maintenance, simply spray with a hose and air dry, so once it’s assembled there is little for you to worry about! And because it’s long-lasting, hardscape design is an investment that will increase the value of your property.


Retaining Walls & Fences

We’ll add retaining walls for extra support on steep or vertical slopes to prevent erosion, manage runoff, and level out the ground, giving you more usable space on your property.

Patios & Decks

A deck or patio gives you added space to entertain on a warm evening. We can handcraft a patio with pavers, brick, or flagstone, to create an ideal gathering place for your friends and family.


Stone, tile, brick, and concrete pavers are extremely durable materials that we use to craft patterned driveways, patios, walkways, and contrasting flower bed borders throughout your garden.


Walkways & Driveways

Great walkways and driveways start with great design that suits your space. Driveways and walkways can be created in a variety of patterns, shapes, and widths so chat to us for ideas.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Add warmth, light, and a relaxing atmosphere to your garden with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Your friends and family will love spending an evening sitting around a crackling fire.

Low Voltage Lighting

Make your garden as special as your indoor space with low voltage outdoor lighting. Adding lights can instantly improve your home’s curbside appeal and make your space appear larger.

Water Features

Water Features Redding


Water features can add a spectacular focal point in a garden and engage all the senses. A visual treat of patterns and colors glinting the sun and reflecting the surroundings, the splash of cool water on a hot day, and soothing sounds of a lapping pool, gurgling creek, or a splashing fountain.

A fountain, waterfall, stream, or pond can add a luxurious look, shut out noise from neighbors or traffic, and create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor living space. Tucked away in Redding, your garden could even become a refuge for birds, bees, beneficial insects, and croaking frogs.



A free-standing fountain is an easy way to add a water feature even in a small space. A fountain in the front creates a welcoming entrance for guests or add one in the back for a quiet retreat.

Waterfalls & Streams

A natural rock waterfall creates a myriad of soothing sounds to block out even the most stressful of days. Add in trees, shrubs, plants, and landscape lighting to make your haven complete.

Outdoor Ponds 

Create your own backyard sanctuary with a water feature that everybody loves; an outdoor pond or colorful Koi fish pond. With lights, plants, and flowers it’ll delight visitors of all ages.


Water Walls & Rills

Vertical water walls are indoor or outdoor reflecting features for even the smallest of spaces! Add eye-catching rills to visually connect and flow water to different areas of your garden.

Cascade Features

Cascading features, such as creeks, add a natural look and a practical benefit, especially during our long, hot summers! A creek can also channel runoff and prevent flooding in rainy seasons.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools have mirrored majestic castles and monuments for thousands of years. Now add the mystique of this water feature to your garden and reflect the natural beauty of your home.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems Redding


There is a better way to water your grass, flowers, and shrubs than hauling heavy hoses around your garden. Manually watering your property, especially during the heat of our summers, can take a lot of time, waste water, and be costly. But a well-planned irrigation system will help your yard to thrive.

Let us plan and install an automated irrigation system for your beautiful property! In addition to reducing the cost of your water bills and keeping your lawn healthy, an irrigation system is a worthwhile investment that will increase the resale value of your home.


System Design

Designing the best irrigation system for your garden is complex but we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and are committed to outstanding results. Our clients count on us; you can too!


Drip sprinklers are a great solution for small yards, watering individual plants, and to reduce evaporation or runoff. We install irrigation, drip, and sprinkler systems throughout Redding, CA.

Repairs & Maintenance

For your peace of mind, we offer repair and maintenance services for your irrigation and sprinkler systems, as well as seasonal start-ups, routine check-ups, and once-off repairs.


Water Conservation

Concerned about water use? Let us create a water-conserving landscape garden on your property using efficient irrigation, water retaining plant designs, unique rock designs, and desert scapes.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are one of the most important aspects of landscape design. Over or under watering can destroy healthy plants and lead to problems such as damaging your home’s foundation.

System Upgrades

If you’ve noticed brown spots in your lawn, added in new plants with different watering needs, or your water bill is through the roof, it’s time to talk to us updating your irrigation system.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Redding


With no walls or ceiling, planning and designing your outside kitchen is a lot different to designing and indoor space, and it requires additional logistical details. But with the knowledge and experience of your Redding landscape design team you’ll soon have a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.

As we plan the design of your outdoor kitchen we’ll take into consideration a number of factors such as the best location in your garden, seating shade, and water requirements. Share your vision with us and we’ll ensure you’re soon enjoying your outdoor kitchen!


Outdoor Seating

Make your garden the place to gather in your neighborhood with outdoor seating and a dining area. Create the perfect atmosphere by choosing from a myriad of textures, colors, and materials.

Patio Covers

Create shade that protects guests, as well as dining and patio furniture from a hot summer afternoon with a inviting patio cover. Complete your outdoor kitchen with the perfect patio cover.

Fans & Lighting

Adding outdoor fans and lighting to your outdoor living space will help create a beautiful ambiance with a cool breeze to keep you and your guests comfortable. The options are limitless.


Outdoor Bars

We can create an outdoor bar that fits any sized garden, in a variety of styles that are fun and functional. Your outdoor bar will become the gathering spot for your friends and family.

Countertops & Sinks

Make food preparation, serving, and clean up in your outdoor kitchen a breeze with durable countertops and sinks beautifully crafted from granite, soapstone, tile, or quartz.

Pizza Ovens & BBQs

Food is one of the best ways to gather friends and family so don’t forget the BBQ in your! Add to the summer fun with an outdoor pizza oven or choose gas, electric, or a wood-fired grill.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Redding


Your garden is the first thing to catch the eye of your friends and family as they drive up to your home and the backyard should be a stress-free place for them to gather. Let our team of landscape professionals maintain your property to ensure your yard, flowers, and plants thrive throughout the year.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional landscape maintenance service for your garden. Trimming, watering, and maintaining plants on your own is costly, exhausting, and time-consuming. We’ll keep your plants from becoming overgrown while you sit back and relax!

Lawn Mowing

Save money on expensive equipment, chemicals, and other products you need to take care of your lawn and garden properly and let us do all the mowing, edging, and blowing for you.

Fertilize & Weed Control

Regular feeding and weed management helps your garden reach its full potential. We’ll meet the specific needs of your lawn and garden so you have a beautiful, weed-free space to enjoy.


Your garden should be inviting, not the neighborhood eyesore! If you have a garden problem such as sloping terrain, narrow lots, limited space, and poor drainage, we’ll find a solution.


Trimming & Pruning

Our ongoing professional landscape maintenance services include pruning and trimming your trees, shrubs, and hedges that help to promote growth and stronger roots.

Seasonal Clean-ups

Fall and Spring clean-up makes your yard look better and is beneficial for garden so let us clean up so call us to clear and haul your leaves, weeds, twigs, and other debris.

Yard Maintenance

With professional yard maintenance you’ll never have to worry about weeds, pests, or dead spots in your lawn. Save your time and money by leaving yard maintenance to the experts.